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Flexible By Design
Just as each of your clients is unique, so too are the websites you need to create for them. With AR, you can create a completely different look and feel for each site, and because the underlying platform is the same, you can approach each new project with the confidence of knowing exactly how to make the website do what you want, when you want.
No Long-Term Contracts
Because AR is a month-to-month service, it's just as easy to create a campaign website as it is to maintain a corporate website. So whether you're using it to register attendees for an annual conference or generate buzz for an upcoming product launch, AR allows you to harness the full power of an enterprise site even if what you're doing is not a long-term enterprise.
Play To Your Strengths
Whether you're a start-up or agency with an established client base, creativity and control will deliver success for you and your clients. AgencyofRecord.com eliminates dependencies on custom programming and development so you can focus on your talents and services, retaining your clients, and increasing your revenue and opportunity.
On-demand Service Upgrades
In-Site Banner Advertising
Mobile Site (iPhone, Blackberry, Android)
Customer Community Platform
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