Magically transform your data into rich presentations such as catalogs with dynamic pages, nimble directories with responsive design, and accessible archives that you can sort and filter. That's the power of AR5's one-of-a-kind Data Module.

AR5's Data Module is a display engine that powers a variety of on-page presentations for large datasets. Drag and drop a spreadsheet into AR5, and it will automatically generate AR5 records based on your data that you can then view, manage, and edit in place using our suite of records tools. You can also use data submitted by users through forms on your website. Once you've got your records, you're ready to show them off—from a simple table with search fields and sorting, to dynamic pages with images, links, and animations, the data module can do it all. 

Creative Cloud Service Platform

Dollar for dollar, agencies using AR5 can serve more clients, generating more creative service revenue at higher margins, more consistently, and with predictable, manageable results.