Creative Control (AR) is an on-demand website platform for agencies and their clients. AR delivers custom websites without the challenge and expense of custom development or IT. AR features include design, publishing, content management, lead generation, support for web standards like CSS, HTML and Javascript, and organic search engine optimization (SEO), all as a developer-free software as a service (SaaS).


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  • PR Firm
  • Design Studio
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John Maroon
Maroon PR

As a full-service firm, Maroon PR’s many offerings include media relations, branding, event planning, community relations, logo and print design, website development and more. Specializing in sports & entertainment and business public relations, along with an emphasis on non-profit organizations, Maroon PR’s client list includes corporations, associations and individuals in those core areas.

Jim Graham
CEO, Publishing Director
Power Systems Design

Power Systems Design (PSD), on the web and in print. For over seven years now, PSD has been empowering global innovation for the power electronic design engineering community by providing in-depth editorial content focused on helping the design engineering professionals with their latest product designs.

Molly Hughes Wilmer
Vision Strategic Marketing

Vision is a woman-owned small business established in 2003 providing strategic marketing and communications services for government agencies, associations and commercial clients. Vision’s experience includes strategic planning, value proposition devlopment, branding, collateral development, and integrated sales, marketing, advocacy and outreach programs.

Russell Sanders
Senior Vice President, Creative
IEP (Innovative Event Production)

With combined production experience throughout our organization, IEP has produced events for 5 US Presidents, many Fortune 500 CEO’s, helped raise millions of dollars for charitable organizations and supported the unveiling of numerous monuments to our Nation that will inspire the World for centuries to come.

Jay Dixon
Borcz:Dixon Advertising

We believe that being able to see things through our clients' eyes is an important advantage in serving our clients' needs. So we make it a point to develop a thorough understanding of your organization. At the same time, we bring a fresh perspective to your marketing strategy and use this insight to develop and implement an effective marketing plan to communicate your message to your targeted audience.

Debbie Wright
Marketing Manager
FedChoice Federal Credit Union

We serve more than 22,000 members and we’re still growing. Now that we have a TIP charter, our membership has expanded to include people who share a common bond, within a specific geographic region. The area is big – the entire Washington, D.C./Baltimore/Philadelphia metro areas. And for a Credit Union, bigger is better.

Jeff Cochran
Exclamation Communications! Inc.

Exclamation Communications, Inc. is a marketing department for organizations who need to increase sales or market exposure, but don’t have the time, energy, or expertise to promote their own business, campaign or event. By developing marketing strategies through custom web, print, and other media, ECI provides for-profit and nonprofit organizations power for their brands and the vital tools needed to rise above their competition.

John Sherman
Managing Partner
Storyfarm New Media

Storyfarm New Media is a Baltimore-based video production company focusing on video storytelling for the web. Whether it's working with advertising, marketing & communications or web agencies as a trusted subcontractor, or working with small, medium or large businesses directly, Storyfarm clients all get the same thing: a compelling, powerful, masterfully-told video marketing package.

a·gen·cy (n.) how a result is obtained or
an end is achieved; "a means of control"
a·gen·cy (n.) how a result is obtained or
an end is achieved; "a means of control"
a·gen·cy (n.) how a result is obtained or
an end is achieved; "a means of control"
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Flexible By Design
Just as each of your clients is unique, so too are the websites you need to create for them. With AR, you can create a completely different look and feel for each site, and because the underlying platform is the same, you can approach each new project with the confidence of knowing exactly how to make the website do what you want, when you want.
No Long-Term Contracts
Because AR is a month-to-month service, it's just as easy to create a campaign website as it is to maintain a corporate website. So whether you're using it to register attendees for an annual conference or generate buzz for an upcoming product launch, AR allows you to harness the full power of an enterprise site even if what you're doing is not a long-term enterprise.
Play To Your Strengths
Whether you're a start-up or agency with an established client base, creativity and control will deliver success for you and your clients. eliminates dependencies on custom programming and development so you can focus on your talents and services, retaining your clients, and increasing your revenue and opportunity.
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