Demo Request

Let us show you how arPlatform + arTeam:

  • Simplifies design and content management for dynamic websites,
  • Eliminates developer dependencies, and
  • Replaces IT outsourcing challenges to drive revenue.

Scheduling and what to expect.

  • We'll contact you via email with a few times for selection (plan for 45 minutes ± 15)
  • Select the time that suits you and reply to email
  • You'll receive a confirmation email with demo meeting details.

We use GoToMeeting for online meetings with screen sharing. If you do not already use GTM, you may want to learn more and download software prior to demo.


1. Brief Introductions: Background and Interests
2. WHY (5 Slides)
3. arPlatform - Differentiators  (Live Demo)

  • Mobile-first Responsive Design
  • Design-to-Web without Coding
  • Drag-n-Drop Framework
  • Custom Page Layout Tools
  • Dynamic Data Management
  • eCommerce and API Integrations

4. Q&A with sandbox publishing and editing (Live Demo)
5. Final Q&A 

End. You'll receive a short, voluntary survey following demo.