Events Production & Management

arApps: HoganLax | Annapolis Hawks | Naptown National Challenge

HoganLax provides developmental opportunities for lacrosse players and coaches through hosting and organizing tournaments, club teams, and team training.

In the arena of club sports and tournament management, Matt Hogan is a pioneer and visionary. Creating a platform for success, Hoganlax relies on arTeam for on-demand creative services and support, assisting HoganLax in becoming the premier event organizer in youth lacrosse. arPlatform + arApps has been integral in scaling HoganLax from a single tournament of 8 teams to several local and national tournaments with 750+ teams and tens of thousands of annual participants; players, families, and fans.

"We started this company without a website and without much marketing or business experience. Our business blossomed when we added Agency of Record. Not only did we possess a creative, eye catching and functional website on arPlatform, we also had access to arTeam. — Matt Hogan, CEO & Founder

Together with arTeam + arApps, HoganLax digitally transformed existing registration processes and the club-tournament experience. Empowered with arPlatform ownership controls, HoganLax takes advantage of frictionless development to reduce technical challenges and dependencies, creating a hub for new market opportunity; innovation and growth.

HoganLax was purchased in 2021 by 3 Step Sports - The most impactful youth sport ecosystem in the nation. The 3STEP reach spans 40+ states and serves more than 3.2 million athletes across eight sports through industry-leading events, nationally spanning club programs, premier media content and more.

Service OVerview:

  • Business and stakeholder interviews and collaboration,
  • Technical consulting and requirements development,
  • Customized forms and data collection,
  • UI/UX; wireframe through comprehensive design,
  • arTeam design-to-web implementation,
  • Third-party CRM API Integration,
  • Graphics, html and css front-end design,
  • Responsive, adaptive access and usability,
  • eCommerce and customized registration processes,
  • Custom reporting - data configuration and management,
  • Administrator dashboard, and
  • Training and support.