Government & Policy Advocacy

arApps: Fueling American Jobs Coalition

FAJC is a coalition of union workers, local gas station owners, small retailers, and independent American oil refiners fighting for a commonsense fix to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA's) flawed Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).

Narrative DC chose to extend the value a current relationship with arPlatform + arTeam and leveraged arApps to create an online interactive content library for their client, FAJC. Together, we took advantage of arPlatform over-the-top development and arTeam front-end design, meeting both technical and business requirements while generating significant efficiencies and considerable savings.

Utilizing arPlatform flexible, modular framework and data management tools, FAJC content was imported and then digitally transformed to enable on-demand, dynamic display, search and sorting—key fields for date, author, industry, document title, and region are used to automatically create filters and drive results.

Built-in responsiveness and adaptive content management enable access and usability for optimized experiences, delivering a web application hand-in-glove with FAJC branding and the existing website.

Service OVerview:

  • Technical consulting and requirements development
  • UI/UX; custom dashboard and interactive map
  • Wireframe through comprehensive design
  • arTeam design-to-web implementation
  • Third-party map and data Integration
  • Graphic design, html and css customization
  • XLS content conversion and data management
  • Administrator Training and Support