Creative Community

Second Wind

Serving thousands of agency principals and employees in North America and several foreign countries, Second Wind is a powerful information resource designed with one thing in mind—helping smaller and midsize advertising agencies, design firms and related businesses to be better. 

Chosen for built-in adaptability and scale, arPlatform + arTeam provides on-demand creative controls—access and usability—essential to driving Second Wind's continued growth. Hi-touch branding, publishing, data collection, and community capabilities enable Second Wind to deliver an inclusive creative experience, fostering engagement and membership opportunities through public and private content marketing, events, seminars, and publications as well as products and services.

Second Wind's members and agencies together with original and curated content databases are the keystone of their international business and creative community, empowering organizations to join and benefit from exclusive, online member forums, directories, industry research, news, archives, and other related media and services managed and delivered together with arPlatform + arTeam.

Service Overview

  • Review Creative and Business Requirements
  • arTeam Creative Services
  • arTeam Design-to-Web implementation
  • Members-only access and community rules
  • Member Signup, Groups and Profiles
  • Member Forums; Threaded Topics, Comments
  • Member Directories
  • Administrator Training and Support