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arApps: International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP)

Founded in 1999, the IACP develops and promotes the highest standards of professional and business practice among canine professionals. The IACP includes professionals from all over the globe—encompassing every facet of the dog world.

IACP selected arPlatform + arTeam to support membership activities; signup, renewal, certification, event registrations, and enhanced member directory search as well as website design and a branding refresh. The transition away from MemberClicks was driven by current and future growth requirements, which highlighted the need for a hi-touch, adaptive and scalable, website and membership platform to meet the needs of IACP's global audience.

Focusing on IACP corporate branding and improved user experiences to increase member and prospect engagement, the new website balances sophisticated data management and easy-to-use creative controls for both IACP Administrators and Members.

In addition to Community and eCommerce enhancements, arTeam Pro Support leveraged arApps methodologies to create and implement a new custom global search feature, which integrates profile records with worldwide location data to assist users in determining nearest IACP members and relevance. arPlatform's built-in flexibility to accommodate OTT open-source development made this custom requirement tenable within budget and created a global resource to demonstrate the value of IACP Membership.

Service Overview

  • Technical consulting and requirements development,
  • Design review for arPlatform implementation,
  • arTeam design-to-web implementation,
  • Public registration forms for member signups, renewals, certifications, and events,
  • Private member forms for exclusive content sharing and educational opportunities,
  • Searchable training video library for on-demand streaming,
  • Administrator dashboards and reporting capabilities,
  • Data management, arCommunity, and arCommerce setup,
  • arApps custom application development (OTT), and
  • arPlatform Onboarding; website training and support.