Devin Rushing-Schurr
Managing Partner | Development

Devin is responsible for arPlatform software development as well as general organizational business requirements.  An entrepreneur and former director and database administrator for a multinational organization in which he supported over 50 global offices, Devin offers a unique appreciation for design and development at scale, ensuring a good idea is made better when shared and put into action.

Part mathematician and part musician, Devin leads an orchestration of technologies, coding, and processes that together create the backbone of arPlatform information design and data management.  In addition to managing arPlatform architecture, updates and releases, Devin provides expert consultative services and support as well as hands-on software integrations to extend arPlatform lifetime value for customers. 

Devin is an expert programmer and systems adminsitrator. He has an applied understanding of agile software development processes as well as back-end cloud infrastructure (Linux / Apache / Python / PostgreSQL) . He leads the arPlatform product team, continually evolving software and systems to align with strategy and stay ahead of consumerized expectations.  

Devin holds degrees in liberal arts (St. John's College, Annapolis) and mathematics (University of Maryland).

When not working, Devin enjoys time with family, reading, martial arts (aikido, iaido), and classical guitar.