Creating Better Margins


Forms, Function, and Meaningful Data


Whatever your needs, from prospecting new opportunities to accepting event registrations, AR5 Forms have got you covered with powerful records management tools, import and export features, and a variety of presentation options. You can leverage APIs to sync with third-party databases, implement campaign tracking codes with hidden fields, and increase creative value using design-friendly front-end development tools such as JavaScript and jQuery. With Forms in AR5, you have everything you need to turn data into ...

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Serve up sizzling sliders for appetizing websites—hold the code.


AR5's all-new, reimagined Gallery offers a rich menu of presentation options, from dynamic hero sliders and image carousels to slideshows with thumbnails. Always responsive, AR5 Galleries optimize content for audience and device. You can use images, SEO-friendly real text, and video embeds in your galleries, and you can single-source your content for a variety of presentations across multiple pages. And with great controls for layout, transitions, delay, and optional thumbnails & navigation, you can create ...

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Get a Website with Automatic Mobile-First Responsive Design


Modern websites are viewed on devices of all sizes. From desktops, to tablets, to phones—and everything in between—a website needs to be ready for whatever device is thrown at it. AR5's innovative Live GRID is the answer to an ever-expanding mobile device landscape. It empowers you to optimize messaging and presentation for any number of breakpoints without the need for custom responsive website development.

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AR4 users, now is a great time to upgrade to a responsive website and AR5!


The number of mobile users on the Internet is increasing every day, and the variety of mobile devices is constantly expanding. Modern websites need to be ready for whatever screen size is thrown at them, and responsive web design (RWD) is the answer. Responsive websites adapt to the size of the screen that's displaying them, so they look and work great on every device.

AR5 is responsive by design. Thanks to its innovative Live ...

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As designers we balance layout with margins, creating white space to guide interactions and usability.  

As marketers we analyze margins by time and performance, time-to-market and anticipated returns.

As agency owners we seek margins, the difference between profit and loss, for growth and stability. 

Read on to learn how Agency of Record is creating better margins for agencies and clients.