Creating Better Margins

As agency owners we seek margins, the difference between profit and loss, for growth and stability. As designers we balance layout with margins, creating white space to guide interactions and usability. As marketers we analyze margins by time and performance, time-to-market and anticipated returns. Read on to learn how Agency of Record is creating better margins for agencies and clients.


Wake Up Your Creative.

Lou Geiger, Partner

Forms, Function, and Meaningful Data


Whatever your needs, from prospecting new opportunities to accepting event registrations, AR5 Forms have got you covered with powerful records management tools, import and export features, and a variety of presentation options. You can leverage APIs to sync with third-party ...

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AR5's Data Module is a display engine that powers a variety of on-page presentations for large datasets. Drag and drop a spreadsheet into AR5, and it will automatically generate AR5 records based on your data that you can then ...

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Style doesn't have to be so permanent.


For page content you work with every day—text and images—AR5's section module allows you to adapt and experiment. It includes a full-featured WYSIWYG editor that lets you preview your content as you edit it, and its options ...

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