Get the Picture?

As more and more software and technologies become commodities, value is in the eyes and hands of the beholder.

When Annie Leibovitz was asked what camera she uses, she replied “if that’s what you’re thinking about, you’re not taking pictures.” We feel the same way about website design and content marketing software—the value of technology is in how it is used, which is why arPlatform + arTeam focuses on accessibility and usability to eliminate costly development dependecies and technical challenges. We help organizations to realize their big picture framed by creative opportunities; design, marketing, and relationships.

Website design and development budgets almost always depend on size and scale, which can limit creative opportunities. For example, you might choose:

  • WordPress for blogging and publishing,
  • Shopify for eCommerce storefronts,
  • Drupal for integrated database-driven content, and
  • Joomla for custom enterprise websites.

With over 80% of all organizations outsourcing technology needs including website design and development, that's four separate and difficult dependencies to maintain, and a lot of lost bottom line revenue!

If you're searching for a solution to consistency and continuity together with increased revenue and higher margins, just smile and say, "arPlatform + arTeam."